Researches on Machine Translation at Nanjing University


       We began our researches on Machine Translation(MT) in 1980s. In 1990, we developed the first Japanese-Chinese Machine Translation System in China. Since then, our researches have been continuously supported by Chinese 863 High-Tech Project funds. By now, our Japanese-Chinese MT system is still the best one in China. Below is the list of our main research results.

1. A Japanese-Chinese Machine Translation Engine

    · Basic Dictionary: 60,000 words

    · Dictionary in Computer Area: 40,000 words

    · Translation Speed: 3,000,000 Japanese Characters/Hour(PIII 600)

    · Written in C++, in the forms of Windows DLL and UNIX libraries

    · Readability: 70% (or above)

2. An On-line Japanese-Chinese Translation Web Browser

    · An IE(Microsoft Internet Explorer) style Web Browser which can show the corresponding translated Chinese page when browsing a Japanese web page.

    · Most of IE's functions are included.

    · Japanese web pages with different character sets(JIS,Shift-JIS and EUC-JIS) are acceptable

3. A Supporting System for Japanese-Chinese Translation

    · Automatic Japanese to Chinese translation    

  · Pre and post editing of Japanese and Chinese

    · Automatic phrase and sentence alignment between Japanese and Chinese

    · Files with different character sets(JIS,Shift-JIS,EUC-JIS,GB,BIG5 and UNICODE) are acceptable.

4. An Electronic Japanese-Chinese Dictionary

    · 100,000 classified Japanese words with Chinese interpretations