What is FreeRPG?

FreeRPG is another RPG game engine that has been ever under the development of three members from the NEOLITH and MARHOO teams. The game engine is still incomplete, and so you can only try partial functions. However, it is much more powerful than NewPAL and requires to run under MS Windows 2000/XP with MS DirectX support (8.0 or above).

The three developers are Jingfeng Yang (杨敬峰, from NEOLITH), Chang Xu (许畅, from NEOLITH) and Hao Chen (陈皓, from MARHOO).

How about FreeRPG?

Due to the incomplete nature, there is no concrete story you can enjoy. The following gives some pictures captured from FreeRPG for your reference (a mixture of Pal and Sword styles; click to enlarge):

I want to take a look at FreeRPG

Please make sure that your machine has installed MS DirectX (8.0 or above). Sometimes we find that there are strange errors in displaying pictures, and if you encounter them unfortunately (^_^), try to adjust the display setting to the 16-bit color. In addition, we cannot guarantee no harm to other programs runing on your machine at the same time. So close them first if possible.

Here it is: freerpg.zip (2.8M)