[With Students in April 2005]


  • Hu, Ningning, 2000, "Topology of Interconnection Networks", =CMU => currently in Google.
  • Li, Ji, 2001, "Parallel File System", currently in MIT.
  • Tan, Wenfang, 2001, "Access Control for Network Security", =SUNY Stony Brook =currently in Bloomberg, New York.
  • Fu, Peirong, 2001, "Coscheduling in NOW",currently in Motorola. Webmaster of http://www.fight-aids.cn.
  • Guo Jianxin, 2001, "Multicasting in NOW", currently in Trend.
  • Du, Peng, 2002, "Routing algorithm for Ad Hoc Networks",  =SUNY Stony Brook =currently in a VoIP company, New York.
  • Guo, Xiaofeng, 2003, "Congestion Control in TCP/IP", currently in Intel.
  • Feng, Taimin, 2003, "Simplified CORBA", =Lucent =currently in Iowa State University
  • Mo, Zhenyan, 2003, "Storage Policy for Multimedia  Servers"
  • FengJinxiao, 2005, Research of PerformanceScalability and Buffer Technique On Linux File System, currently PhD Candidate in Nanjing University.
  • Wu, Fan 2005 "Redundancy Schemes for High Availability in DHT-Based P2P file systems" currently in SUNY Buffalo.
  • Chen, Yuequan, 2005, "Research on Ad Hoc Networks and Sensor Networks", currently in Lucent.
  • Li, Chengfa, 2006 "Energy-efficient clustering in Sensor Networks" currently in Lucent.
  • Chen, Chao, 2006 "Pervasive Computing", currently in University of Florida.
  • Liu, Zhiyu, 2007, "Simulation of P2P Systems", currently in IBM.
  • Qiu, Tongqing, 2007, "DHT-Based P2P Overlay Networks", currently in George Institute of Technology.
  • Ye, Mao, 2007, "Energy-efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks", currently in Pennsylvania State University.
  • Liu, Fang, 2007, "Energy efficient Technologies in Wireless Sensor Networks", currently in Connell University.


  • Cao, Xiaomei, "Security of Sensor Networks".
  • Wu Xiaobing"Sensor Networks".
  • Chen, Hua, "Trust in P2P systems".
  • Cheng, Ningning, "Sensor network systems".
  • Li, Hongxin, "P2P systems".
  • Li, Zhenhua, "P2P Overlay Networks".
  • YuanRuifeng"Simulation of P2P Systems"
  • Yan, YunpeiWSN.
  • ChenJingmingWSN.
  • YuNannanWSN.
  • XieJunfengP2P.
  • LiTaoWSN.
  • LuoDijunWSN.
  • ZhanAndong, WSN.
  • ShenShiqing, WSN.


I have the following topics for undergraduate thesis. If you are interested, contact me please.

Topic 1:

1)  Write a special reader.

2)  It functions like Acrobat Reader, Ghostview, and so on.

3)  It can convert .ps or .pdf file into its own format, but not vice versa.

4)  It has not the copy&paste function which is provided in most file readers.

5)  Alternatively, the forbidden functions in 2) and 3) can be open to the owner of the file with password.

6)  The fundamental goal of this reader is to protect copyright of our papers from

     being copied easily by other people.

7)  Need 2-3 students.


Topic 2:

1) Write a Questionnaire or a polling system.

2) We have already a first version. You need to improve it.

3) Try best to make the interface as friendly as commercial software.

4) Need 1-2 students.


Topic 3:

1) Write an automatic generator of Chinese cross puzzles.

2) We have aready a first version. You need to improve it.

3) Need 1-2 students.


Topic 4:

1) Study the performance of P2P systems via simulation.

2) Follow postgraduate student, Ms. Liu Zhiyu, to write P2P simulation programs.

3) Need 1-2 students.


Topic 5:

1) The interconnecting technology of sensor networks to the Internet.

2) To read papers on sensor networks, mesh networks and then mesh sensor networks.

3) Write a survey paper in this field.

4) Need 1 student.



Topic 6:

1) Take part in IEEE Computer Society 60th Anniversary History Competition.

2) Reflect the spirit of teamwork.

3) Organize 2-4 students into a group.


Topic 7:

1) Theoretical study of Parallel Computing, Pervasive Computing and etc.

2) Pay a foundation for your further research career.

3) Need 2-3 students.