Thanks to my friend, Prof. Cho-Li Wang, for this useful collection work as follows:

Web Resource for Parallel Computing:
Technology, Architecture, Programming

Web1. Computing Trends and Benchmarks
1.1. Parallel Computing Trends   
1.2. Parallel Computer Models  
1.3. Parallel Programming Fundamentals  
1.4. Benchmarks and Performance

Web2. Enabling Technologies
2.1. Commodity Microprocessors    
2.2. Systems Interconnects   
2.3. Distributed Memory Technologies
2.4. Threads, Synchronization and Communication

Web3. Systems Architecture 
3.1. Symmetric Multiprocessor (SMP) 
3.3. Clustering Technology   
3.4. Cluster Computer Systems   
3.5. Massively Parallel Processors (MPPs)

Web4. Parallel Programming 
4.1. Shared-Variable Programming   
4.2. Message-Passing Programming   
4.3. Data-Parallel Programming
4.4. Environments and Tools

Web5. Other Relevant Links
5.1. Parallel Computing Bibliography on WWW    
5.2. Glossary, News Groups, and Home Pages 
5.3. Research Centers at Academic Institutions    
5.4. Industrial Companies and Software Vendors 
5.5. Agencies, Laboratories, Consortiums, and Organizations