Yanyan Jiang 蒋炎岩

Research Assistant Professor,
SPAR - CASTLE Joint Group
Dept. of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University

Ph.D. (Nanjing University , 2017)
Visiting Ph.D. Student (The Ohio State University , 2015)


My research interests are automated technologies for software and systems, particularly program synthesis and end-user programming. There are also a few projects on testing and analysis of system software. Chronological list of my publications. (欢迎关注知乎专栏:软件工程研究漫谈 )



  • Current (Find them in CST Building 812/824/544)
    • PhD: Xianfei Ou 欧先飞, Cong Li 李聪, Daohan Qu 屈道涵, Yike Zhou 周意可, Hanzhi Liu 刘瀚之
    • Master: Yicheng Huang 黄奕诚, Yiding Li 李一丁, Yike Fu 付毅科, Yaoming Wen 温耀铭, Tianyun Zhang 张天昀
  • Past; feel free to ask them for anything you want to know about our research group!):
    • 2022: Jue Wang 王珏 (PhD → Huawei), Mingyao Wang 王铭瑶 (BSc → NJU MSc), Chenyuan Yang 杨晨源 (BSc → UIUC PhD), Yifan Zhao 赵逸凡 (BSc → SJTU MSc)
    • 2021: Dongjie Chen 陈冬杰 (PhD → Huawei), Enmeng Liu 刘恩萌 (BSc → UToronto MSc), Yifan Pei 裴一凡 (BSc → UMich MSc)
    • 2020: Yi Liu 刘毅 (MSc → Ant Financial), Shaoyuan Chen 陈劭源 (BSc → Tsinghua PhD), Shixuan Zhao 赵士轩 (Bsc → Ohio State PhD)
    • 2019: Yang Cao 曹阳 (MSc → ByteDance), Yuju Shen 沈宇桔 (MSc → NetEase Games), Zhao Gang 刚昭 (BSc → UCSD MSc), Xiaolin Li 李晓霖 (BSc → ICT-CAS MSc), Mingjie Shen 沈明杰 (BSc → Purdue PhD)
    • 2018: Zhanshuai Meng 孟占帅 (MSc → Ant Financial), Jiarong Wu 吴嘉荣 (BSc → HKUST PhD)


Honors and Awards

  • 2021 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award and ACM European Best Paper Award (ICSE'21).
  • 2020 Bank of China Teaching Award of Nanjing University.
  • 2018-2020 CCF Elite Youth Scientists Sponsorship Program (Top 6 in China).
  • 2018 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award (ASE'18).
  • 2018 CCF Docotral Disseration Award (Top 5 in China), ACM China Doctoral Dissertation Award Nomination (Top 5 in China).
  • 2016 Distinguished Student of Nanjing University (the only PhD student out of ten winners).
  • 2014 MSRA Fellowship Award (Top 12 in Asia Region); 2015 and 2010 National Scholarship;
  • First Place in 2014 Huawei Cup Regional Programming Contest; Second Place in 2012 Tencent Hackathon.
  • I competed in ICPC regional contests for two Gold Medals and earned 49th Place in the 2009 World Finals.

Last Update: June 6, 2022

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