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Essentials of Pattern Recognition: An Accessible Approach

Jianxin Wu

Cambridge University Press, Dec. 2020
ISBN 9781108483469 (hardback), 9781108650212 (online)

Available at Cambridge Higher Education, Amazon
Both printed and electronic versions are available.

A Chinese translation of this book is also available. See here for more information.

Supporting materials for lecturers

Powerpoint slides, solution manuals to exercise problems, and other supporting materials are available. Please contact the publisher for these supporting materials if you plan to use this book in your teaching.


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I have acknowledged various institutions, friends, colleagues, and readers of the draft of this book whose comments have significantly improved this book. If you find any further errors, typos, etc. please drop me a note using the email address in the preface of this book, and I will gratefully acknowledge these help here.

Because the Chinese translation published earlier than this original English version, some errors have been pointed out by readers of that translation, and subsequently corrected in this version. Acknowledgements to readers of the Chinese translation appears at the end of this page.