In English

  • The first prize of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Prize (2018)

  • Tecent Cloud Valuable Professional Award (2021)

  • ACM Nanjing Rising Star (rank the 1st place) (2021)

  • The first place of the 30th SortBenchmark Competition CloudSort Track (Record Holder) (2016)

  • Gold Award of China College Students’ 'Internet+’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (only 67 gold awardees among 1,090,000 teams across 124 countries&territories) (2019)

  • Star of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of Nanjing University (4 faculty awardees per year) (2020)

  • Nanjing University Liujunhou Teaching Scholarship (5 awardees of NJU per year) (2020)

  • Awardee of 13th National College Computer Practice and Experiment Teaching Contest (the only awardee with both experimental design prize and teaching paper prize) (2020)

  • Spotlight PMC Member Award from Alluxio Open Source Project Community (2020)

  • Jiangsu Computer Society Youth Science and Technology Award (5 awardees per year) (2019)

  • Awardee of Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology Young Talents Support Project (2019)

  • The third place in the Feedback Phase of the AutoML3 Competition|NeurIPS 2018 (2018)

  • The second prize of Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievements Prize (2017)

  • Best Instructor Award of National College Competition on Cloud Computing (2017)

  • First Prize of National College Competition on Cloud Computing (Rank: 1/128) (2017)

  • The third prize of CCF Big Data and Computation Intelligence Competition (2016)

  • The second place of Large Scale Route Planning Track in Internet Contest for Cloud & Mobile Computing. (2012)

In Chinese (selected)

  • 江苏省科学技术一等奖(2018)

  • 江苏省科协青年科技人才托举工程(2019)

  • 江苏省计算机学会青年科技奖(2019)

  • 腾讯云最具价值专家奖项(2021)

  • 第五届中国互联网+大学生创新创业大赛全国金奖(2019, 109万队伍共67座金奖)

  • 第35届国际计算机排序基准评估比赛CloudSort任务第1名(2016,至今记录保持者)

  • ACM南京学术新星奖(2021, 排名第一)

  • 中国尖峰开源人物奖(2021, 中国信通院评选)

  • 全国高校云计算应用创新大赛一等奖(2017,教育部主办)

  • Alluxio国际开源存储设计Spotlight专家称号(2020