National Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Xianlin Campus Mailbox 603, Nanjing University
163 Xianlin Avenue, Qixia District
Nanjing 210023, China

Lab Events


实验室研究生 周逸洋 于Intel中国研究院访问交流2015.05-2015.12, 2015

实验室研究生 许佳敏 被评为南京大学优秀研究生标兵,吴亮、秦龙飞被评为南京大学优秀研究生, 2015

实验室研究生 袁泽寰 入选国家建设高水平大学项目,将于2015.09-2016.12访问University of Michigan的Dr. Jia Deng (from the group lead by Prof. Fei-Fei Li),开展Computer Vision on Big Data研究

实验室研究生 吴亮、许佳敏、梁国柱被评为南京大学优秀毕业生,2015

实验室研究生 李其苏 巫义锐 袁泽寰 梁国柱 获2014年全国研究生智慧城市技术与创意设计大赛二等奖

Invited as Session chair and PC member of International Conference on Pattern Recognition (oral), Sweden, 2014

Invited as PC Member of ACCV, 2014

1 paper accepted by ECCV, 2014

实验室研究生王昊入选南京大学优秀毕业生, 2014

Our "Vehicle chassis surveillance system" passed the test organized by the Test Center of Ministry of Public Security of China, 2014

Nomination for the Best Student Paper Award of International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems, Tours, France, 2014

Secretary-general of Big Data committe of Jiangsu Computer Federation, 2014

Subatical leave to School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2013 as a visiting scholar, invited by Prof. Chew Lim Tan, 2013

Selected as FCS Youth Associate Editor,2012

Team member, Zhehuan Yuan, was honored as the 2012 Excellent Undergraduate Students of CCF, China (中 国计算机学会2012年度“CCF优秀大学生奖”), and selected by the Talent Project of Nanjing University (南京大学英才计划), 2012

The First Prize of Excellent BSc thesises in Nanjing University (南京大学大学生优秀毕业论文一等奖), 2012

Best paper award of IEA/AIE'2012, 2012

Two innovation projects were selected as the National Undergraduate Innovation Plan of China, 2012

Recommended to attend the 4th National Innovation Conference of Undergraduate Students, Tongji University, 2011 (Zhehuan Yuan, et. al.)

One paper accepted by the 18th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling 2012, Klagenfurt, Austria, 2012 (accept rate about 25%)

The Best Bachelor Thesis Project of Nanjing University (南京大学本科生优秀毕业设计(团队)特等奖), 2011

Project leader of the first round Oversea Academic Exchange Plan (南京大学计算机科学与技术系首届海外学术交流营项目) , 2011

Undergraduate innovation project of the Ministry of Education, China, 2011 (教育部本科生创新项目) , Zhaoxin Lu,, Binyang Tao, Peng LvAdviser: Tong Lu)

Best course "Computer Graphics" (南京大学精品课程) in Nanjing University, 2010.

Undergraduate innovation project of Ministry of Education, China, 2010 (教育部本科生创新项目), Zhehuan Yuan, Haoyi Zhou, Bing Chen, Jianing Li (Adviser: Tong Lu) .

Excellent undergraduate innovation project, Yirui Wu, Limin Wang, Zhiyuan Tian, Zailiang Sun (Adviser: Tong Lu) , Nanjing University, 2010.

Organization committee chair of the Young Scholar Forum of State Key Lab for Novel Software and Technology, 2010

I earned undergraduate, master and Ph.D in Nanjing University. My Ph.D thesis (2005) won the best doctoral dissertation of Nanjing University in 2006 (优秀博士论文) , and selected as the candidates of the best Ph.D thesis of China Computer Federation (入 围中国计算机学会优秀博士论文)

Certification of scientific and technological achievements, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China (教育部科技成果) , 2010 (3th)

I won the advanced individual of Jiangsu Computer Federation in 2009.

Secretary-general of CAD/CG committe of Jiangsu Computer Federation and a senior member of China Computer Federation (CCF) from 2008.

I won the second prize of Natural Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China in 2007 (教育部科技进步二等奖,4th).

Seleted in the first round of Talented Young Teacher of Nanjing University (青年骨干教师), 2006.

Aug. - Sep. 2007, visiting scholar in Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST).

Jan. - Feb. 2005, visiting researcher in Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST).

I won the HuaYing Education and Culture Foundation from 2003 - 2005.